AceStream Software Guide

The main goal of AceStream project is to provide multifunctional technological solution that will lead mechanism for publishing, sharing and dissemination of audio-visual information on the Internet to a new quality level.

The basic core of AceStream System is a specialized software (TS Engine), developed as a client application software for Windows, Mac, Linux/Ubuntu, Android, Apple iOS, etc. (Prior to release 1.0.6, only the version for Windows will be available for the installation).

Release notes

This is an innovative media platform of a new generation, which will take you to a new high-quality level of multimedia space on the Internet.


Depends on what users create on it


TorrentStream is a new way of p2p streaming which works the same like Torrents.

Download and Install
First you have to download the Program, and Install it. click here to download, it’s a big download so can take some time.

Opening a Channel
To get it working, you should keep in mind that you have to Copy and past the available TorrentStream ID into the TS Player that you installed.

* Go to our schedules –> See the Play now link –> Right mouse –> Copy Shortcut OR you can click the Play link of the TorrentStream Channel –> See the url, and copy everything behind the id=
* Go to Start –> All Programs –> AceStream –> Click TS Player –> Media –> Open AceStream Player –> Paste there the id which you copied, using CTRL + V or Right Mouse –> Paste.

Then AceStream will start to play the channel. Sometimes it can be loading in 15 seconds, sometimes it takes a few minutes. All depends on your connection!
You can also use the second link from our listings which is a Webbased player, but that might not load properly when it’s very busy.

Additional Info

AceStream Channel List

Enjoy AceStream!