Edison Chen dated 16 year old Model Cammi Xie

http://nowwatchtvlive.org – Edison Chen just can’t stay out of trouble. Word is the 31 year old Chen dated a 16 year old model named Cammi Xie Zhuhui. And by word, I mean photos of them kissing turned up online! You would think by now Edison would have better sense than to take controversial photos of him and girls! Both now insist that they are no longer dating.

Cammi Xie is trying to claim she didn’t know anything about the scandal because she’s too young. That’s totally believable, except for the fact that it isn’t. The Edison Chen scandal/Sexy Photos Gate was the biggest story out of Hong Kong that year, and is still brought up all the freaking time today.

Of course, Cammi (a member of the model group Fantasy) is no stranger to weird fame, as she originally made headlines in August when a male model got her drunk and tried to rape her. Someone keep this girl away from every male ever!

More info: Edison has also spoken about the photos and revealed he split from Vincy, his girlfriend of 5 years, “I had mixed feelings after reading the reports. I broke up with Vincy Yang about six months ago. I felt horrible about falling out of love. When I met Cammi, I thought we could give it a try. We had just begun our relationship when [the leaking of the photo] happened. I’ve nothing more to say, other than I’m currently single. ”

Cammi’s management believes the photos were leaked from her phone, which she lost last Thursday. The photos have gone viral since the leak, though (thankfully) none of them are of a sexually explicit nature.

And let’s hear it for scandal with this quote: “I didn’t have sex with him! I’m only 16,” Cammi shouted.Ah, respectable journalism (says the guy talking about this scandal for cheap web hits!)

Here are the photos of Edison and Cammi, along with some random Cammi Xie photos

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