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Watch Live Online Ekstraklasa LogoWatch Ekstraklasa T-Mobile Live Streaming, Ekstraklasa T-Mobile Live, Ekstraklasa T-Mobile Online, Ekstraklasa T-Mobile Live Broadcast on Internet in High Quality. The Ekstraklasa T-Mobile Ekstraklasa for sponsorship reasons, is a Polish professional league for association football clubs. At the top of the Polish football league system, it is the country’s primary football competition. It is contested by 16 clubs, operating a system of promotion and relegation with the I Liga. The Ekstraklasa season starts in late July, and ends in May the following year, teams play a total of 30 games each. The Ekstraklasa (former I liga) was formed as Liga Pi?ki No?nej on 1 March 1927 in Warsaw, but Polish Championships as non-league competition and The Polish Football Federation PZPN (Polski Zwi?zek Pi?ki No?nej) had been organized on 20 December 1919 in Warsaw, a year after the independence of Poland in 1918. First, historic games of the freshly created league took place on April 3, 1927.A total of 78 clubs have played in the top division of polish football since the founding of the league in 1927, of which, 16 clubs have won the title. The current champions are ?l?sk Wroc?aw, who won their second title in 2011–12.


Creation of the Polish Football League

In December 1926 in Warsaw, representatives from several Polish clubs met each other. The purpose of this meeting was simple – to discuss about possibility of creating a Soccer League. Now, it is impossible to speculate, who and why came up with this idea (some say this was due to numerous changes, introduced at that time in Poland, after the May Coup). Obviously, a League was a much more practical solution than hitherto practiced two-stage (regional and then central) games.

To dismay of clubs’ officials, PZPN did not like the idea of the League and the Association wanted to thwart it. However, it turned out that virtually all but one Polish club supported the League and decided to create it, no matter what PZPN’s representatives thought of it. In late February 1927, at the PZPN’s meeting in Warsaw, its officials openly opposed the League, but the clubs, allegedly egged on by some generals from Polish Army (which, after May Coup of 1926, played a key role in all aspects of public life), would not obey. The creation of the League was announced on March 1, 1927.

Cracovia Kraków

It has been mentioned that all clubs but one supported the League. The only opponent was Cracovia – a very influential and strong organization in Polish soccer of the 1920s. Cracovia’s boycott was because its director, Dr. Edward Cetnarowski, at the same time held the post of the director of PZPN.

It must be mentioned that Cetnarowski was a personality known not only in Poland, but also in other countries. It was due to his efforts that in September 1923 his beloved club, Cracovia, went on a tour to Spain. The Kraków side’s results were impressive – a 1-1 tie with FC Barcelona and a 0-1 loss to Real Madrid. In October, also thanks to Cetnarowski, FC Sevilla came to Kraków and lost 2-3 to Cracovia.

Early years of the League – dominance of Wis?a Kraków

250px-Kadra1927Games of first, historic League Championships started on April 3, 1927. All major teams (except for Cracovia) took part in it. This is the list of the teams (in the order given below the League finished in November 1927):

  • Wis?a Kraków
  • 1. FC Katowice
  • Warta Pozna?
  • Pogo? Lwów
  • Legia Warsaw
  • Klub Turystow ?ód?
  • ?KS ?ód?
  • Polonia Warsaw
  • Czarni Lwów
  • Toru?ski KS Toru?
  • Hasmonea Lwów
  • Ruch Chorzów
  • Warszawianka Warsaw
  • Jutrzenka Kraków

Polish rivalry symbolized by Wis?a Kraków and 1.FC Katowice

In this first, historic season of the League, fight for Championship was decided between two powerful teams – Wis?a Kraków and 1.FC Katowice. This rivalry was treated very seriously, not only by the two sides involved, but also by the whole nation. 1.FC was regarded as the team supported by German minority, while Wis?a, at the end of this historic season, represented ambitions of all Poles.

Some time in the fall of 1927 in Katowice, an ill-fated game between 1.FC and Wis?a took place. Stakes were very high – the winner would become the Champion. Kraków’s side won 2–0 and became the Champion. 1.FC finished second, third was Warta Pozna?.


All matches from the 2011-2012 season are telecast live nationally by Canal+ Poland. Telewizja Polska has the rights to air live 4 games per season on a non scrambled channel.

From 17 August 2012, Sports Tonight Live in the United Kingdom began to air live Ekstraklasa matches three times a week.

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