How to Install Paid Android Applications For Free

Update : Many people commented that they see blank screen while using Applanet app, well I think so that will be fixed soon or else you can use BlackMart Alpha app for Android device which is similar to the Applanet app but works somewhat fine.

applanet app androidAndroid is one of the best OS available right now as its is owned and developed by Google. Now all the latest phones comes with this new OS preinstalled in them and its really awesome. You have many apps and games which you can play on your smart phone but the thing is that many good ones are paid, so to get those paid ones you have to link your debit card than pay them and than you can enjoy those games or you can simply install a simple app with which you can download those apps for free of cost.

Applanet is that small awesome application for Android devices with which you can download any apps or games those are paid for free. It is somewhat same like Installous app we have for iPhone which we install using Cydia.

How Applanet Works :

Applanet is a simple app for Android which simply provides with the paid apps and games for free which you can download right on phone. You simply download and install this app and than search – download – install any application from it for free. Its totally free of charge and simply takes few minutes to install.

How to Download & Use Applanet :

Now if you also want to install paid apps and games for free on your android device than simply Download Applanet App for your android phone and than copy it to your phone, now navigate to it through file manager or anything and click on it to install it.

Now simply navigate to this app from your application menu and fire it up, enjoy searching and downloading apps on the go. If you find this difficult and cannot make it up with it than comment below with your problem and hopefully I will solve it for you.

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