Joke on Sunny Leone goes viral on YouTube – Mumbai: For those who love to tickle their funny bone, here’s some good news. The 30-year-old adult film actress, who rose to popularity in India post her stint on reality show ‘Bigg Boss 5’, is still making headlines.

Sunny Leone has now become the subject of a gag on YouTube that stars popular TV actor and comedian Sumeet Raghavan.

The video shows Raghavan talking about how the porn star’s assets attracted filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt to approach her for a role in ‘Jism 2’.

The video which happens to be an episode of an online show titled ‘Jay Hind!’ went viral after it was posted on YouTube, but was slapped with an age restriction!

When a post regarding the porn star was posted on Facebook, the same was deleted by the social networking site citing objectionable content.

The post in question read, “If just the mention of Sunny Leone can push a video to such popularity, we must be a porn starved nation.”

“The age restriction is baffling,” a daily quoted Raghavan as saying.

“On the one hand, you have what is clearly a country of citizens which laps up porn. And on the other, you have a certain section of the society that takes the moral high ground and decides what one should watch,” Abhigyan Jha, creator and director of Jay Hind! was quoted by the daily.

“Leone can appear on TV, but jokes on her are restricted on Facebook and You Tube. Censorship needs to take a relook at itself,” he added.

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