Long distance relationship? Use this pillow!

Necessity is in fact, the mother of invention. You know the idiom holds true when a love-lorn wife creates a pillow that can connect her with her husband lodged in another city

Viraha vedana or what we commonly know as the angst of separation, has played spoiltsport for several lovers. Interaction Design student Dhyan Suman is determined to change that.

Partly inspired by her own life, Suman has created a pillow that shrinks distance. Tired of missing her husband who is based in Bengaluru, she created a working model of a pillow and mat structure.

The pillow has a built-in mike and speaker system, and acts like a mobile phone. A mat contains LED sensors that replicate a silhouette of the other half.

On pressing a ‘sync’ button on the pillow, an SMS alert is sent to the partner. “I realised that a relationship enjoys intimacy through the sharing of items like a bed,” says Suman.

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