Poonam Pandey’s maiden movie announced!

Sexy babe Poonam Pandey, has been in the limelight for a number of reasons, and is a well known name amongst the youth of our country. She shot to fame, when she announced that she would strip completely, to motivate the boys of our national cricket team to win the world cup. However, this lead to a lot of strong criticism from all quarters. Following this, Poonam posting some sizzling snaps of herself on twitter garnered her a lot of fans. There was a lot of speculation over when Poonam would be seen on the big screen, and lot was said about it.

The wait for Poonam’s fans is over! Amit Saxena, who gave us the steamy Jism, has announced that he has roped in Poonam Pandey to be the lead in his next movie. Though, he refused to divulge much, he said that Poonam’s role in the movie would be true to her real life image, of a sexy siren, but also added that there would be a lot more than just that, in the story.

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