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Watch Live TVR1 Romania Tv LogoWatch TVR1 Live Streaming, TVR1 Live, TVR1 Online, TVR1 Romania Channel Live Feeds Broadcast on internet in High Quality. TVR1 Romanian Television channel of Romanian public broadcaster TVR.The most important show of the channel is Jurnalul TVR, whose motto is Jurnalul a?a cum ar trebui s? fie! but on 28 March 2009 was replaced by Telejurnal. In 1985, Programul 1 renamed again to TVR becoming the sole television channel in Romania.In 1989, TVR1 broadcast live the events of the revolt which triggered the fall of the Communist regime, covering almost all the main events live, starting from the last speech of Nicolae Ceau?escu (on December 21, 1989) till the new power representatives arrived. A lot of made-up, exaggerated stories and misinformation were broadcast in those days, nevertheless TVR1 was the first television channel to cover all the events of the regime change.TVR2, Televiziunea Român? 2 (TVR Doi, translated: Romanian Television 2), is the second channel of the public broadcaster TVR. The channel was created in 1968, but it was suspended from 1985 until after the fall of the Communist regime in 1989. From 2003 it has been market leader in Romania with some very well thought shows as Tonomatul DP2, the British show Doctor Who and always makes huge rating points during the Callatis Festival, which it airs live for a whole week.

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